Your Journey Begins

One never knows what brings one to where they are.   I had vacationed in Florida just one time at Perdido Key in 1998.

You see I wanted to be in the Caribbean.  I vacationed there three, four or even five times each year.  I have enjoyed Cayman, Belize, Mexico, Curacao, Bonaire, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Anguilla, St Barth's, St. Martin, St Thomas, St Croix and on and on.  I am sure I am forgetting more than one.   Maybe you are the same or maybe you have loved South Walton and 30-A your whole life, but now you want to know how to get here.

There are a few things you can do to get here and there are some formulas that work no matter what stage of life you find yourself.  For me, and for others I think the sooner the better.

To break the things we think are "have to" and "must do" before we can do, you have to challenge yourself.

- I am completely flexible -

You know we have great schools here and a great lifestyle.  Maybe you travel for work and can flex on where you live.   What are you waiting for?

- I want to get there "soon" -

For those that just cannot get here but want to be here in 5 years or 10 years, there is a way.   What do you think, in any real estate market, will happen to the equity in the home you currently own?   Do you think equity in a home along 30-A will grow faster or slower than the home you currently own?   Can you rent the home you currently own on weekly rentals?

Here is a tip.   SELL the home you currently own and RENT where you need to work.  BUY your home now on 30-A sooner letting the equity grow faster where you want to be.   What are you waiting for?

That is just one challenging thought.  Maybe you struggle with that idea. Well, others have too.   And others have overcome that challenge and done just this to get to 30-A ownership sooner rather than later.   It is my story.

-  I understand investing and risk and portfolio of assets -

Other strategies include buying land now.  Land cost often drives significant changes in the value of real estate along 30-A.  Consider your overall portfolio of assets and see how a land purchase could work for you now.   Purchasing land in a truly self directed IRA is also an option.  Later you can properly withdraw that asset (consult your tax adviser) and use the land then to build.

- I would love to build a home -

When building you can use a builder or contract the home yourself.  We should talk about these options.  How can you do it yourself if you are not here that much but still want to save money on the build?  Is it worth the savings to consider that option?

For me it was a journey down all of these paths opening up my thinking first to an equity switch that drove me here sooner.   My first home was a purchase to get equity working for me here.

In July of 2011 at near the absolute bottom of the financial collapse in Real Estate, I purchased my first vacation home on 30-A.  I haven't looked back and the transition to full time living here has been completed.

My second purchase was land as part of my overall investment risk and overall portfolio of assets.  I worked with a builder to finish a home on that property.  My third venture was to acquire a lot and contract the home myself.  Still as an investment in my portfolio, with good connections in the market supervising the build of my new home myself has saved me about 35% over using a builder.  There are some restrictions in this process, but if you want to build your home to live in you can do this too.

I use a truly self directed IRA to own property.  (consult your tax adviser on rules and regulations and self dealing transactions) This strategy has opened up auction real estate that I can improve and resell at modest profits.

What is your hope?   What is your dream of 30-A?   If you answered "I want to buy something in about 10 years when I can finally think about really being here most of the time" then my story should be yours.  Everyday the relative value of property on 30-A grows faster than most every other residential property in most working cities.

The only question you have to ask now is "How do we connect you to the dots"